Be Smart This Holiday Season - Plan Things Keeping Children in Mind

Some parents aren't thinking too much about children, believe it or not, during holiday seasons.  Rather they are more concerned about visiting loved ones, partying, and overall doing what they want to do.  When this happens, families have disputes and babies and children are left disturbed over what they have seen and heard between angry adults.  You might want to think about some things when holiday planning with children that just might keep you or someone else out of trouble this year.

1.  If it isn't necessary to go visiting or staying overnight at someone's home with children, don't.

Some babies and children are challenging to discipline.  When you know your child is a handful, it would make sense not to put him or her off on others.  The likelihood that someone, especially an older more experienced adult will say or do something that just might rub you the wrong way is probable.  Best to make sure your child and self are mentally, physically and sometimes spiritually ready for visiting relatives during the holidays. 

2.  Avoid the alcohol, drugs and anything else that alters one's mind when caring for children.

A sober mind is very necessary when parenting small children.  When relatives and friends notice that mom or dad just isn't caring for baby and children like they should, unnecessary drama between loved ones will occur.  If one is going to indulge in strong drink and other substances, do it away from children.

3.  Don't entrust anyone to care for your children like you--no matter the title or how long you have known the person or couple.

Sometimes while parents are out having a good time, a trusted relative and friend is doing some things that are questionable, immoral, and downright stomach-turning with children.  Don't be gullible, be watchful and never assume everyone will treat your child like you would no matter what they say.

4.  Avoid the temptation to do something that you know just might come back to haunt you this holiday season.

Sometimes relatives have unfinished business to settle.  The holidays just aren't the time to bring up the past.  Besides, parents won't get much accomplished with whining babies and toddlers with temper tantrums hanging around.  Sometimes angry parents will take their frustration out on their children in front of others.  If you know that being in the presence of certain people brings out the worst in you, avoid confrontation this time of year; otherwise, you just might have to deal with some issues in the future that you aren't ready for.

5.  Always keep your children's safety in mind from the toys they receive to where they play.

With so much activity going on, sometimes parents fail to exercise caution when allowing children to play in and around people and things.  Just because something looks cute and harmless doesn't mean that it is.  Don't put your children in a position that might cause harm to them emotionally or physically for the sake of a good laugh or some other reason.  Keep them safe!

Pondering on these thoughts and properly planning in advance will potentially help you and your child in the future.  Sometimes selfish behavior can cause a lifetime of upset, so be wise and do what's right in the best interest of you, your children and those around you!  Happy Holidays!

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry.  See her blog here. 

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