Family and Friends Won't Always Say Nice Things About Your Children

We love our children and want was is best for them.  Yet, sometimes what we think is right in what we say and do with our children isn't necessarily right in the eyes of those who have long parented children--who have been there and done that.  So when you and your children are invited to a family celebration, spending far too many hours with relatives, sometimes things will be said or done that just might offend you, so be prepared.

1.  Why did those kids get all that food on their plates knowing full well they aren't going to eat it all?
2.  Why is there open cans of soda and water bottles half full, yet the children are going to get more?
3.  Why didn't the parents clean after the children when they made that mess?
4.  They shouldn't let the children run around like that.  Where are their parents?
5.  Did you hear what that child said to his/her mother/father, if that was me...?
6.  These children nowadays just aren't being raised like we were.
7.  Is anyone going to quiet that whiny baby?  If the child didn't feel well, why did they bring him/her?

Some solutions to quiet some of the family criticism concerning your children would be:

1.  Shorten your visit from the start.  Seniors and children after awhile tire of one another.  Both will compete for attention, both tend to act petty, and both can be demanding.

2.  Take noisy children outdoors or in another part of the residence.  Nap time might be needed.  The longer they stay up, the more likely they will be disruptive.

3.  Don't assume everyone likes children, so stay away from those who appear to act rude, impatient, and critical of babies and children.

4.  Teach and discipline your children before they leave from home how to behave when around others.  Specify the consequences if they choose to misbehave.

5.  Avoid piling on food and desserts on the children's plate and share bottles and cans between children by pouring in cups or bring their cups from home to avoid accidents.

6.  Keep noisy toys at home and don't forget headphones for electronic devices.

Tis the season.  Happy Holidays!

Nicholl McGuire

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