Treasure Your Children's School Projects - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and others

They are getting older quickly, your children will one day be men and women working and raising children of their own.  The significance of cherishing quality memories will go a long way especially when they have their own children and will look to mom and dad for insight.

Imagine taking out a drawing they have made and using that to illustrate a life lesson years from now. Children are very creative and can sometimes predict the future in their artwork.  Treasure those drawings they spent much time creating particularly the ones that are evident they are sharing thought-provoking messages and that spiritually move you.

Those sweet Valentine's Day cards, creative Mother's day gifts and funny Father's day images of dad will warm your heart every time you see them.  They will also help you recall those innocent times before hearts were broken, death shook them, and beloved things are no more.  Children's personalities change with each issue they face and so does their inspiration to create.

Enjoy those fun things they design, put them in a safe place, and be prepared to take them back out later in life!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube Channel: nmenterprise7.

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