Unexpected Emotions, Family Trials - It's All Good

Nothing could have prepared me for the many emotions that come with being a parent.  Sudden tears, worries, stress, and more.  I didn't anticipate the many financial, career, and location sacrifices I would have had to make.  No one told me about those times when you ponder divorcing a partner just because he or she acts more concerned about everyone else, but you.  Oh yes, there are challenges and if someone says anything different, pardon my harsh words, but he or she doesn't know what the hell they are talking about!

God and I became good friends before, during and after children came along.  I was a fool to think that many years prior I could have children one day without the need of God.  Have you ever had a difficult pregnancy, held a sick child in your hands, or see kids almost get hit by cars?  If you didn't have a faith, you sure got one!  Spiritual people are your best friends when you know your child is going through much.  They are saying things like, "I am praying for your family...I bind Satan's evil schemes...I know God is watching over your family...He told me to tell you this..."

As much as it all seems so common, routine, and unexciting about family at times, it is still a beautiful experience.  You and a partner were chosen to bring life into this world such a great achievement!  Your children will potentially be there for you (if you did right by them) when you are struggling with illnesses.  They may have your back when your loved ones and friends turn their backs on you.  Don't sleep on your intermediate loved ones!  You gave up much for partner and children, you may not have liked them or their ways, and there may have been moments where you felt you were losing your mind, yet you still have a capacity to love, so embrace it!  Those warm, fuzzy feelings, those acts of kindness, and those wonderful scenes that make you think, "What is wrong with me?"  Oh, the joy of love! 

No one could have prepared you for the love that you have inside for your family.  The cheers, sweet memories, funny stuff, and more.  You didn't anticipate those good times when you cried happy tears because you got blessed as a result of having children, relocated to a bigger and better place, and made a satisfying career change.  No one told me about those times when you ponder staying with a partner because you love him or her too much to let this special person go and you don't want to upset your children because you love them too.  Oh yes, there are easy-going days and if someone says anything different, pardon my harsh words, then there is a hell on earth and beyond for him or her.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry, Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic and other books.  

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