Toxic Dad, Grandfather, Father-in-Law Might Not Be Good for You or Children

Sometimes we just don't want to admit when a familial relationship has run its course.  People change and they don't always remain so nice, friendly, and generous when life isn't so bright and cheery for them as it once was. 

What is overlooked in some families is how a toxic, demanding personality sucks the life out of room if you let it and how that same person just might be negatively impacting your children.  We focus a lot as a society on mothers and how they interact and care for children, but fathers if not pro-active and positive can wreck havoc whether they are in our lives or not.  Author, Speaker and Virtual Assistant Nicholl McGuire shares an excerpt out of her new book, Say Goodbye to Dad, do get the book and start working on correcting any "daddy issues" that might be affecting you and how you parent your children.  Click here to listen to audio.

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